Saturday, October 29, 2011

HYBRiD WM8650 Uberoid v6FiNAL Starter Edition (99ROID V1.2)

This version is made using a HYBRiD_WM8650_Uberoid_v6FiNAL streamlined. 6 x5 @, @: x # @ + g% y9] (} 7 H5 d

removed HCH integrated honeycomb style, but also removed the font patch. & C0 G-z! h% Z * C7 Z8 q
& \ & X6 t-r8 s1 L (O & V: w3 b
Replace the second screen is 99ROID.
& TP% l p
Removed in addition to RE browser, superuser all outside third-party software.

removed ENV selection tool, I felt the HCH's where the problem is selection tool env! 5 R-~ (B3 d * s' O3 o; B

retention system only bones, super thin. After decompression 108M, compressed 80.4M. 4 u8]) \ "a8 A0 R" V;] 5 U

env and uzImage.bin file please replace your original. HYBRiD_WM8650_Uberoid_v6FiNAL also be used to extract it! !


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