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Universal Uberoid WM8650 1.5.7 v12 Beta2 Android Latest Firmware V1.5.7

Universal WM8650 Uberoid v12 Beta2

Download:  125.48mb

*note: to activate the ICS keyboard open the app and press activate

Universal WM8650 Uberoid v12 runs on 215 models of VIA/WM 8650 chip based tablets. This includes tablets that have a sim card / phone function and about all different screen sizes from 5" to 10.2". The firmware is rooted and equipped with a lot of boosts as usual, improving your chinese tablet a lot in performance, and in usability. Enjoy this nice firmware mod!

Uberoid is a modded 1.5.7 firmware with 1.5.7 Green and 1.5.5 Blue kernels with loaders from 1.3.1. In general, Uberoid is a highly optimized ROM for WM8650 tablets that is easy to modify:

RUN CHANGER.BAT on a Windows PC to setup and / or personalize the ROM. Type "X" <enter> in CHANGER to see all XTRA commands.

Download:  125.48mb

Tablet Compatibility List:
    1=MID V7 7inch
    1=Fview NL Intertoys 7inch
    1=MID E18 7inch
    1=M009S Green LED 7inch
    1=TomTec Tablet 7inch
    2=M009S Blue LED 7inch
    2=iBAK-784 7inch
    2=Polaroid MPC700G 7inch
    2=Epad GW-70 7inch
    2=Bluetech PWS700HV 7inch
    2=MIDV7 Blue LED 7inch
    2=WinPad-C07 7inch
    2=Ceavis 7inch
    3=M003S (vt1603ts) 8inch
    3=Innovatek MID 8inch
    4=PC-802 8inch         
    5=BLY-806 8inch
    5=VIA WM8650 8inch
    6=M80003W 8inch
    6=M806B 8inch
    6=MID M80006 8inch
    7=Apex 7inch
    7=BLY-706F v1 7inch
    7=M706S 7inch
    7=Kingcom Joypad 72 7inch
    7=Kingcom Joypad 73 7inch
    7=I-INN Kirk M77V 7inch
    7=APAD (MID) 7002 7inch
    7=Netbook X6-7V
    7=iDea USA IUMID-0071 7inch
    8=Maylong M-250 7inch
    8=MID703 7inch
    8=Netbook WM8650 7inch         
    8=V7 MID 7inch
    8=ILC PC Tab701 7inch
    8=KLD-MID701 7inch
    8=M709W 7inch
    8=Scipad 7inch
    8=MID710 7inch
    8=CE037B 7inch
    8=Promedia Netbook Kids 7inch
    8=PO7466 7inch Netbook
    8=Imos A702 7inch Netbook
    8=Netpad 11 7inch
    8=Maipad 7inch
    9=Tabtech 7inch
    9=M010S 7inch
    9=FlashTab 7inch
    9=Xiron 7inch
    9=TomTec 7inch
    10=M80003W v1.5.x 8inch
    10=M012S 8inch           
    11=M70007T 7inch
    11=ViaPad M7 7inch
    11=M768A 7inch
    11=Leader V70 7inch
    11=Epad GW-707 7inch
    12=ATF3416-7 7inch       
    12=NeoPad8650 7inch
    13=BLY-706F v3 7inch
    13=NETPAD 11 7inch
    13=Zixoon Z78 7inch
    14=E16 5cun1603 5inch
    15=ED99 8cun1603 8inch   
    15=MID 806 8inch
    15=M806S 8inch
    15=L.Ausa W8 8inch
    15=I-INN SPOCK M87V 8inch
    15=BLY-806 8inch
    15=PC-802 DT 8inch
    15=Kingcom Joypad 81
    16=E18 7cun1603 7inch
    17=ED99 8cun8900 8inch   
    18=Ricatech RATAB 10inch
    18=TomTec 10inch
    18=NetBook WM8650 10inch
    18=Dmedia ATF3417 4G 10inch
    19=M013s 10inch
    19=Prixton 1001 10inch
    20=ePad M009D 7inch
    20=MID A713 7inch
    20=Intreeo MID-WL7 7inch
    21=ZX07D 7inch
    22=M008s 9.7inch
    23=E18_7cun1603DT152 7inch
    24=E88_97cun1603153 10inch
    25=IMITO Im7 1.5.1 7inch
    26=puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts 7inch
    27=M01B 1.5.3 7inch
    27=Pad IMO Tab X3 7inch
    27=Evang TP-7001 7inch
    28=TP_puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts_152 7inch
    29=M009plus 1.5.1 7inch
    30=M009SBDT 1.5.3 7inch
    30=M003F 7inch
    30=SKU10374 7inch
    30=SUPERVOX VX1107 7inch
    31=M731123 7inch
    32=SV27C151 7inch
    33=CEM8650701 7inch
    34=CEM8650702 7inch
    35=CEM8650801 8inch
    36=CEM8650971 9.7inch
    37=CEM8650972 9.7inch
    38=E10 7inch Phone
    38=IMO Z3 7inch Phone
    39=aPad 2 9.7inch
    39=J355 9.7inch
    40=JSA8inch_std_vt1609 8inch
    40=WP-800 8inch
    41=8inch_vt1603 8inch
    41=DCPAD1398 8inch
    41=Atai 8650 8inch
    42=8inch_vt1609_ts 8inch
    42=Wintouch C08 8inch
    42=Winpad C-08 8inch
    43=SV28B 8inch
    44=M788P 153 7inch Phone
    44=wms8153_7inch_2g 7inch
    45=Szstzl 7A-1 7inch
    46=Szstzl 7A 7inch
    47=jinghan_10inch_lvds1603_wifibtn 10inch
    48=M013S_VT1603 10.1inch
    48=puzhi_10.1inch_vt1603_0308 10.1inch
    49=M013S_VT1609 10.1inch
    49=puzhi_10.1inch_vt1609_ts_0308 10.1inch
    50=Szstzl SV27D Phone 151 7inch
    50=wms8153_7inch 7inch
    51=Portablet 4.3inch
    52=m008s_vt1603_151 9.7inch
    53=m008s_vt1603_155 9.7inch
    54=EZDY 9.7inch
    54=iPAD 2 9.7inch
    55=M003S (vt1609ts) 8inch
    56=eMatic eGlide2 7inch
    56=M731GA 7inch
    57=M731GF 7inch
    58=Sungale_Cyberus_ID702WTA_722 7inch
    58=Polaroid M800 7inch
    59=M009G 7inch
    60=MyMIDPAD M706 7inch
    60=M706B 7inch
    61=MyMIDPAD M709 7inch
    61=M709W 7inch
    62=MyMIDPAD M806 8inch
    63=TOMTOP C1212 7inch
    64=USB-TEK M7001 7inch
    65=ZX07d 155 1603 7inch
    66=ZX07d 155 1609 7inch
    67=BLY706Fv4 7inch
    68=Sungale_Cyberus_ID702WTA_722 sound fix 7inch
    69=puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts sound fix version by XJOKERX 7inch
    70=BLY403_4.3inch_priv_yzx_a 4.3inch
    71=BLY403_4.3inch_priv_yzx_b 4.3inch
    72=PocketDroid_E403 4.3inch
    73=PC-802B (ts and sound fix version by DJ_BAZS) 8inch
    74=722_priv_jiutian_vt1609 7inch
    75=iJoyGalatea 7inch
    76=JBLITBOX8 8inch
    77=Lanyu806 8inch
    78=ZTAG_ZGTB007 7inch
    79=X6-7V_7_Netbook 7inch
    80=JBLITBOX8_TS 8inch
    81=Polaroid mpc700gpr001
    82=JM Bruneau 7inch
    82=PI 6040H MID00-VB 7inch
    83=Bluetech MM977 7inch
    84=Bluetech MPCA622BT001 7inch
    85=Bluetech MPCPW43BT001 8inch
    85=MID800SPR001 8inch
    86=CONNEX Tablette CX 7inch
    86=MPCM700CX001 7inch
    87=MAYLONG M250 v2 7inch
    88=Polaroid_mpcw43bt001 4.3inch
    89=VDTECH 7inch
    89=mpc700gvd001 7inch
    90=706_phone_157 7inch
    91=8g_705_phone_151_512mb 7inch
    92=e10_phone_152 7inch
    93=e10_phone_155 7inch
    94=e10_phone_157 7inch
    95=e10_phone_m788p_157 7inch
    96=e11-b_8inch_1603_151 8inch
    96=e99_8inch_1603_151 8inch
    97=e18_1603_157 7inch
    98=e88_97inch_0902_153 9.7inch
    99=e88_97inch_200w_pixels_155 9.7inch
    100=m7865 7inch
    101=m80003w_s89 8inch
    102=maipad_mx7650_122 7inch
    103=maipad_mx7650_130 7inch
    104=maipad_mx7650_2gb_153 7inch
    105=maipad_mx7650_4gb_152 7inch
    106=maipad_mx7651 7inch
    107=maipad_mx7651_150 7inch
    108=maipad_mx8650_130 8inch
    109=mapan_mx7650_157-ya 7inch
    110=mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-c_1609 7inch
    111=mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-L 7inch
    112=mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-L-F 7inch
    113=mapan_mx7650_4gb_155 7inch
    114=mapan_mx7650_4gb_155-t-v 7inch
    115=mapan_mx7650_4gb_155-ya 7inch
    116=mapan_mx7650_4gb_157-ch 7inch
    117=mapan_mx8650_2gb_155-st 8inch
    118=mx7650_150 7inch
    119=mx7650_2gb_150 7inch
    120=os-l001-18_phone 7inch
    121=M709B 7inch
    122=youchen_vt1603 7inch
    123=MID04 7inch
    124=M10phone 9.7inch (by Blaze)
    125=iPad2 EZDY 9.7inch (by Blaze)
    126=Polaroid MPC1000 (by
    127=wms8153_7inch_2g (by WRaven) (fixes sound/cam on some models)

    * Check the HoneyComb Theme's launcher icons
Download:  125.48mb

Since v12b2 Uberoid default dumps your original env_uboot before it flashes on your device. When a first flash went wrong, you can recover your tablet most probably using this env_uboot file, it's basically a file that configs your tablet's hardware for Android. Use Dia_Betu's WMT_Editor or HcH's CHANGER that uses Robotop's ebin2txt from to read the backupfile SD:\ENV.BIN and convert it into a readable file. 

* After you have flashed, and something went wrong, insert the SD from the firmware installation back into the PC, start CHANGER, enter 'REC'<enter> and the original env_uboot file will be dumped to a directory: "Backup_date_time"
* You can choose to reflash your tablet AT YOUR OWN RISK using this generated backupfile, this backupfile is automatically written to SD:\FirmwareInstall\env\env_uboot after you have started the 'REC' command in the CHANGER.
* Open the Backup_date_time\env_uboot if you have problems with hardware after a flash, no touchscreen or no sound for example. If needed, connect a keyboard / mouse and input using a terminal emulator to corresponding values from the original env_uboot file from the "Backup_date_time" directory like this: su, wmtenv set "VALUE", after you've done you modifications, reboot and most probably the issues are resolved.
* If you have bootloops/bootanimation loops you use this file also to recover

FAQ#1: HowTo Flash a unknown or unlisted tablet model:
Before installing the ROM on a unknown / unlisted tablet model I recommend using UberoidTool by Dia Betu.

Step 1. Start UBEROIDTOOL.exe, prepare your SD Card to make a backup of your tablet environment settings. After selection of SD Card you have the option to format or not selected SD. On the "Prepare" step, the application copies a a backupscript to the SD card.
Step 2. Turn off your tablet and insert the SD.
Step 3. Power on the tablet ! Wait to see the script running!
Step 4. After 3 is done, remove the SD and insert it back into your pc.
Step 5. Save the backup folder into safe location.
On "Transfer" the application copy the Uberoid into SD Card with your original
tablet settings!

FAQ#2: HowTo flash the ROM normal, if you know your model:
From a temporary location / hard disk:
1. Extract archive to your local PC in a temporary location
2. Try to identify your tablet model (M009s/M003s/M012s/etc.)
3. Run CHANGER.BAT from your this temporary directory and see what models
   there are. * type "FIND" <enter> to search for a model.
4. Put in the number of your model and press <enter>
5. CHANGER will ask you to copy to SD, press "Y" <enter>
6. Enter the drive letter of your SD as listed on the SDTOOL
7. Turn off your tablet
8. Insert SD
9. Turn on your tablet
10. Follow on screen instructions
11. Enjoy a better tablet

Direct extraction to SD card:
1. Extract archive to SD CARD (so a directory SD:\FirmwareInstall is present and the file wmt_scriptcmd in the sd root)
2. Try to identify your tablet model (M009s/M003s/M012s/etc.)
3. Run CHANGER.BAT from your SD root and see what models there are
4. Put in the number of your model and press <enter> (do not copy to SD)
5. Turn off your tablet
6. Insert SD
7. Turn on your tablet
8. Follow instruction
9. Enjoy a better tablet

FAQ#3: HowTo Fix market cache problem, not all apps (like Google's) can be found:
1. Open the Market and press the home button to return
2. Go to Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running
3. Press "Market"
4. Press "Clear cache" (do not clear data)
5. Press "Force stop"
6. Return to "Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running"
7. Press "Google Services Framework"
8. Press "Clear Data"
9. Press "Force Stop"
10. Start Google Market, it must give an error
11. Reboot, once back Market should work, if it gives an error it could need another minute to work
12. Test the access, search Skype on the market, it should return 400+ results including the original Skype and google's apps like maps / streetview / docs and skype

FAQ#4: I have a no camera or a yellow screen when using the camera option and my tablet crashes on hibernation.
* You'll need to open the CHANGER.BAT and see which uzImage (kernel) your model uses, there are bascially 2 kernels, for green and for blue led devices, if your device has problems with e.g. the green kernel use the uzImage_blue as uzImage file on your next flash.

FAQ#5: I have no WLAN, keeps saying Unable to scan for networks.
* Use option 'RT3070' in changer, or any other WLAN related option filed under "x" for extra options in the CHANGER. These will most likely fix your wlan problem, these patches/settings can be used with any model.

FAQ#6: I get a "Force close" on the G-Sensor Calibration.
* setenv 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1 should be changed to setenv 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1:0:0:0
or using connectbot or terminal emulator:
1. su <enter> <allow>
2. wmtenv set 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1:0:0:0 <enter> (or 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1:-94:0:0 , currently known for 9.7" devices)
3. reboot

Download:  125.48mb

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